IEEE Day 2022 team is elated to introduce you all our Chair, Muhammad Ahsan Farooqui. After a phenomenal success in IEEE Day 2021, once again Ahsan will continue to oversee the tasks of IEEE Day.

Muhammad Ahsan Farooqui is currently serving as an Industry Relations Coordinator, IEEE Islamabad Section, Pakistan, R10. He is also the Vice-Chair of Public Relations of IEEEMadC. In 2020 he was the Vice chair-operations of IEEE Day 2020 & the Contest Lead of IEEE Day 2019.

Ahsan Farooqui is an AI & ML Professional. He is currently working as a AI/ML Research Engineer at Knowledge Platform(KP).

Join us to wish Muhammad Ahsan and the team all the best in making IEEE Day 2022’s celebrations record breaking, one more time.