60 Second Innovation – Video Contest

Given the unprecedented times, innovation to solve common and important problems around us has become much more important than ever. The IEEE Day team brings you an amazing opportunity to come up with an innovative solution to a real-world problem. If you think your solution is really innovative and helps bring a change then send us a video submission that covers the following in 60 seconds (or less):

  1. Address a real-world problem and present a viable and implementable concept and/or solution.
  2. Should talk about how the proposed solution will change the world.
  3. Should come with a 100-word writeup that:
    • Explains the problem
    • Talks about solution
    • Talks about the impact of the proposed solution and how it will change the world.

Visit the contest platform to submit your video entry for the 60 second innovation video contest, then spread the word and wait for the voting to open.

The detailed video contest rules are as follows: