Some rules of public voting of IEEE Day 2013 have been updated. The top 20 photos (Likes) will be decided by public vote (deadline remains 19 October 2013, 23.59 UTC). The top 3 Prizes will be awarded by a select group of judges, who will vote among the “Top 20” photos.

All other prizes (“The Best Humanitarian Activity”, “The Best Technical Activity”, “The Best Professional Development Activity”,“The Most Creative Photo”, “The Most Energetic Photo”, “The Largest Gathering”,”The Best Photo Including “Landmark”) still will be awarded by a select group of IEEE Day 2013 judges without any relation with these Top 20 Photos.
All Awarded Photos will be announced on Thursday, October 24, 2013″
The way and the platforms you promote are also important till the end of contest voting. Please make sure you are conducting yourself in an appropriate way by taking care of IEEE Code of Ethics and respectability of all IEEE world and members.