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2022 IEEEDay EMBS Chapters Torch Relay Public Webinars – Centro North Brasil EMBS Chapter

October 4, 2022 @ 9:00 AM - October 5, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

This torch relay event pools EMBS Engineers from 40 Chapters to form a 16-hours line-up of intriguing, interesting medley of webinars on Biomedical research. Then, these presentations will populate a specially created EMBS You-tube playlist, titled IEEEDay EMBS Chapters Torch Relay Public Webinar, to serve as a resource for bringing awareness on and educating Biomedical Engineering to Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow. It can be used, downloaded and shared anytime, anywhere by anyone for Membership drive, School programs, Career fairs, Sharing with local science communities or simply self-learning experience.
Co-sponsored by: 2022 IEEEDay EMBS Chapters Torch Relay Public Webinars – Centro North Brasil EMBS Chapter
Speaker(s): Professor K.J. Ray Liu, PhD., Professor Metin Akay, PhD
9:00 EST (New York) – K.J. Ray Liu – 2022 IEEE President and CEO – IEEE President Message.
9:10 EST (New York) – Metin Akay – 2022 IEEE EMBS President – EMBS President Opening Message.
9:40 EST (New York) – Carolyn Mcgregor – 2022 IEEE EMBS VP Chapter& Students – EMBS VP Introductory Message.
10:15 EST (New York) – Khanita Duangchaemkarn – 2022 Chapter Development Committee – IEEEDay, EMBS One Chapter One Story Montage.
14:00 EST (New York) – Relay Torch R8 – EMBS Engineers-in-Action from R8 Chapters.
17:00 EST (New York) – Relay Torch R9– EMBS Engineers-in-Action from R9 Chapters.
19:00 EST (New York) – Relay Torch R10 – EMBS Engineers-in-Action from R10 Chapters.
23:30 EST (New York) – Relay Torch SAC – EMBS Student Engineers-in-Action from SAC.
23:50 EST (New York) – Yoot-Khuan LEE – 2022 IEEE EMBS Chapter Development Chair – Closing Remarks.
24:00 EST (New York) – Event Adjourn.
Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/325294