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IEEE Rochester Section IEEE Day ExCom Meeting

October 4, 2022 @ 11:55 AM - 1:15 PM

(https://ieeeday.org/) 2022 is October 4th, and to celebrate we will extend a discount on lunch for all IEEE members that join us in person.
The monthly Rochester IEEE Executive Committee meeting brings together all of the leaders of the Section, Chapters, and Groups.
ExCom members: Please send your updates on past and upcoming events to the (mailto:roc.sec.chair@ieee.org) to be included on the agenda prior to the meeting.
We review plans for upcoming Rochester meetings within our Section, Chapters, and groups at this meeting. If you are looking to become more engaged in IEEE in the Rochester Section, please plan on attending an Excom meeting!
– Section Officer Reports
– Section Chair Report: (mailto:eric.t.brown@ieee.org)
– Section Vice-Chair Report (mailto:Kelly.Robinson@electrostaticanswers.com)
– Section Treasurer Report: (mailto:HBussey@ieee.org)
– Section Secretary Report
– Old Business
– New Business
– Chapter Society and Group Reports
– Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society and Communications Society (AES10/COMM19)
– Computer Society and Computational Intelligence Society (C16/CIS11)
– Electron Devices and Circuits and Systems: (mailto:slremc@rit.edu)
– Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMB18): (mailto:christian.linte@ieee.org)
– Rochester/Binghamton/Buffalo/Ithaca/Syracuse Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRS29): (mailto:emmett@cis.rit.edu)
– Life Members Group: (mailto:m.schrader@ieee.org)
– Microwave Theory and Techniques Society / Antennas and Propagation Society (MTT17/AP03): (mailto:dwalters710@gmail.com), (mailto:jnveee@rit.edu)
– Photonics Society (PHO36): (mailto:bwsemc@rit.edu) and (mailto:pkmohseni@rit.edu)
– Power and Energy Society / Industry Applications Society (PE31/IA34): (mailto:jeankendrick@ieee.org), (mailto:Kelly.Robinson@electrostaticanswers.com)
– Signal Processing Society (SP01):
– Technology Management Council (TM14): (mailto:ppklee@ieee.org)
– Young Professionals: (mailto:eric.t.brown@gmail.com)
– Student Chapter Reports: (mailto:m.schrader@ieee.org)
– Rochester Institute of Technology: (mailto:jrheee@rit.edu)
– University of Rochester: (mailto:minglunlee@rochester.edu)
– Committee Reports
– Membership Report: (mailto:wmyfowlkes@ieee.org%20)
– Awards Report: (mailto:jeankendrick@ieee.org)
– Electronic Communications Coordinator: (mailto:chris@fridaypath.com), (mailto:howard@tixlers.com)
– Newsletter Report: (mailto:m.schrader@ieee.org)
– PACE Report: (mailto:bruceieeerubin@yahoo.com)
– E. Liaison Reports
– R1 Western Area Chair: (mailto:joseph.s.ott@gmail.com)
– Rochester Engineering Society (RES) Report: (mailto:greg.gdowski@gmail.com)
– Rochester Council of Scientific Societies (RCSS) Report: (mailto:wabrewer@ieee.org)
– Open Discussion
– Adjournment
Bldg: Tandoor of India, 376 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, New York, United States, 14623, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/321548