For more than 125 years, IEEE has brought together the brightest minds in technology, capturing their intellect, passion and dedication and sharing those resources with the world, all this to bring about global prosperity and benefit mankind.
From the beginning, IEEE was destined to impact the world in ways that could not be imagined in 1884. In that year, a small group met in New York to form the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. With the advent of wireless telegraphy came the Institute of Radio Engineers in 1912. After years of expansion of both societies and the overlapping of memberships and technologies, the two merged in 1963 to create IEEE.
Now spanning three centuries, IEEE’s 395,000 members in 160 countries continue to accelerate the pace of technological change through a range of activities again, all in some way helping to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

   – Pedro Ray, 2010 IEEE President and CEO

IEEE is a highly successful organization because it has more than 200,000 volunteers contributing to its successes – the geo unit volunteers, conference volunteers, journal editors and reviewers, standards volunteers, etc. IEEE is great because its volunteers are great! “Don’t ever question the value of volunteers. Noah’s Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals.” (source unknown). Congratulations and thanks, volunteers.

   – John Vig, 2009 IEEE President and CEO

Congratulations to IEEE members, next door and around the world in over 160 countries, for technical accomplishments for the benefit of humanity.

   – David G. Green, Director and Secretary

IEEE Day – what a GREAT idea – and congratulations to the leaders of this effort! On this day we recognize achievements of us as individuals and as members. At the same time, as part of a 400,000 person network on this day, we will see opportunities for further personal growth and fun in areas that we might not even know about now. Make your list, and tell the entire IEEE community about your interests, successes, and what’s ahead for you. You are special. You make a difference. You are the success of IEEE history, but more important, you are the future – locally, globally, – to IEEE!

   – Peter W. Staecker, Director and Treasurer

I am delighted to endorse the celebration of IEEE Day. It is good to note that the remarkable contributions that electrical and electronic engineers are being recognized in such a positive and forthright manner. We are indebted to IEEE members whose work has enriched every walk of life, covering the whole spectrum of activities from work, life and play.

   – Tariq S Durrani, Director and Vice-President, Educational Activities

I would like to congratulate the members and the volunteers of IEEE on their work in advancing knowledge for the benefit of society. As part of this work the members of IEEE are developing new tools and techniques for solving the societal and environmental problems that we are facing today. Because of the dedication of the members and the volunteers IEEE also has the largest  highest quality portfolio of electrical and computer engineering periodicals of any organization. This portfolio is essential for advancing knowledge globally. My best wished for a successful IEEE Day celebrating IEEE members achievements.

   – Jon G. Rokne, Director and Vice-President, Publication Services and Products

I would like to add my personal congratulations to all of our IEEE members worldwide for their contributions and their achievements. From the very first technical presentations on 7 October 1884, IEEE members have made fundamental contributions that have shaped the very fabric of modern society. When I survey all of the advances made since that first meeting, it is clear that IEEE members have been at the forefront of every significant technological discovery and practical application. It is our member’s contributions to the IEEE, the profession and humanity that make IEEE the premiere professional society in the world. I am proud to stand with nearly 400,000 IEEE members and say … Congratulations on our member’s achievements! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

   – Barry L. Shoop, Director and Vice-President, Member and Geographic Activities

Supporting the GOLD program and encouraging our recent graduates to progress their careers through the IEEE is a long term and meaningful objective for me. In my position as IEEE Standards Association President, during the past two years, I have had the opportunity to speak with IEEE members in many areas of the world. I have been impressed with the global relationship our membership maintains, along with their desire to promote and develop our profession.
I have had the opportunity to meet many new graduates as they begin their careers and share with them the role of standards in promoting the transition of technology to the global marketplace. Technology Standards provides the ability and opportunity to progress and promote technology for utilization within our global marketplace, enabling us to achieve our goal of benefiting society.
I believe continuing education for our members is a cornerstone of the IEEE, for ensuring the development of our global community. In today’s global economy, our members will need to remain competitive with their skills. To complement this, education in the use and development of Standards will be an imperative. Technology life cycles will become shorter, technology platforms will increasingly engage the integration of multiple technologies, and technology Standards will become an integral component in developing our global economy.
I wish the best to all of our GOLD members in the future development of their careers, whichever paths these may take, academic, business, government, research, etc. And, I wish to encourage our GOLD membership to continue to develop their professional skills through the global community within IEEE and to continue to focus on the value of leveraging education throughout their careers.

   – W. Charlton Adams, Jr., Director and President, Standards Association

During October 7 and 8 we celebrated the IEEE Day in recognition of that occasion when the leaders of that time as Norvin Green, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell met for first time in a technical event in order to share ideas and experiences.
Many things have happened and we have seen the technological advances of the last century and the contributions made by members of the IEEE, so the Region 9 joins to this special celebration remembering past and present achievements of our members and our Institute, who since 1884 seek the good of the humanity.

   – Tania Quiel, Director and Delegate, Region 9

It is indeed very heartening that the IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional association, has decided to celebrate the IEEE Day. It provides a unique opportunity to not only celebrate the dedication of its volunteers and staff but also to let the whole world know the important aims and objectives of the IEEE for the science and technology and how IEEE is making a difference for the development of humanity.
Concerning the vast and breath-taking advances in science and technology, the IEEE has a great responsibility towards its members, first and foremost being to create awareness among the members about their role and responsibilities in the society so as to enable them to orient their thinking for the advancement of humanity. If we all make a steadfast effort to utilize our resources and employ tools of modern science and technology, the day will not be far off when the whole humanity shall be enjoying higher standard of living. The IEEE members can bring about this change and thus contribute significantly to the achievement of this goal.
Through our sponsored activities the IEEE Region 10 is striving hard to engage IEEE members to promote engineering education and encourage members in applying technology for humanitarian causes. It provides forums such as Regional Student/GOLD/WIE Congress for exchanging friendship through presentations and discussion, TENCON for sharing scientific and technical knowledge, and the website and newsletter for members to share their experience and achievements.
A very happy IEEE Day to all!

   – YJ Park, Director and Delegate, Region 10

If you are an IEEE volunteer then let me thank you for all your work. If not then talk to someone in your Section and ask how you can help.

   – Dr. Michael R. Williams, Director and Delegate, Division V

The IEEE has provided an opportunity to not only network and establish life long friends, but enhance my skills as an engineering consultant. Never in my life did I imagine that there would be opportunities to perform research and be published in an international venue, bringing name recognition.
For many years, I was an IEEE member, never considering a Society membership. After joining my primary Society upon encouragement from a friend, life has never been the same. Within a few years I joined the Society’s Board of Directors and participated in numerous activities which included starting a new Society and becoming its first President. This eventually resulted with elevation to Division Director and Board Member. There are few organizations where one can go up the ladder quickly all while having fun.
The IEEE is part of my family. Regardless of how much work is involved, time will always be found to help advance technology for the benefit of humanity.

   – Mark Montrose, Director and Delegate, Division VI

As we celebrate IEEE Day, I would like to congratulate all IEEE members around the world for their participation and achievements  in this great organization.
I feel very proud of being part of the largest technical organization in the world which provides the scenario to expose, share and develop new technologies, new ideas, new ways of thinking and much more.
IEEE provides the opportunity to interact with colleagues from all over the world, share our experiences and learn from each other. Also, the networking opportunities, career development and industry relations is also a valuable asset we can find participating in IEEE activities.
This dedication of the IEEE Day is very important for the recognition of all the contributions IEEE has done to the world. In essence, as members or volunteers we all are IEEE, then, is a celebration for the profession, for mankind advancement and achievements.
IEEE Day initiates from an idea in Region 8 and now it is a world celebration where sections, Chapters, Regions, Student Branches, all together, wherever they are, will be dedicating special time for this recognition.
In the same way IEEE continue evolving as a truly global organization where participation from members increases every day, everywhere.
So, let’s be part of this big celebration and commemorate IEEE Day.

   – Enrique Tejera, Director and Delegate, Division VII

Scientific, technological, and application achievements obtained by IEEE members are essential for advancing industry and many application areas in our daily life. IEEE members make everybody’s life better!

   – Vincenzo Piuri, Director and Delegate, Division X