“Empowering Members To Create The Future”—the theme of IEEE Day 2011 is a powerful statement, and a daunting challenge, to be sure.
But it is a challenge that the membership of IEEE has been meeting—and exceeding—since its founding. More significantly, though, in meeting this challenge, members of the IEEE community have been advancing technology to benefit humanity in countless ways. Electricity arrives in a remote village…and an IEEE member is there, making it happen. Medical records need to be shared across great distances, with remote hospitals on multiple islands…and a team of IEEE members are there, making it happen. Years of hardware and software development exponentially improve our ability to address tasks as routine as analyzing weather patterns, and as unique as charting a course for a satellite’s exploration of deep space…and, at every step of the way, you will find members of the IEEE community there, advancing technology for the benefit of us all.
Keep the theme of IEEE Day 2011 in mind not just today, but throughout your career and your life. Let us each challenge ourselves every day to better the quality of life for our communities and our world.
The future is yours to create—and, given your efforts thus far, it will indeed be a bright and promising one.

   – Moshe Kam, IEEE President

Something to think about on IEEE Day: In the 20th century, engineers harnessed electricity to dramatically improve the lives of most of the world’s population. With electric lighting, labor-saving devices, communications, and computing, life changed in fundamental ways. I challenge today’s engineers to extend the advances of the 20th century to parts of the world where they have not yet arrived, and to continue to imagine and create a new and better world, everywhere.

   – Gordon Day, IEEE President Elect

The theme of this year’s IEEE Day, “Empowering Members To Create The Future”, is one that all of the IEEE community—longtime members, students, GOLDies, fellows, future engineers—should embrace and make a part of their careers and their lives.
Bringing the best minds of our profession together to advance technology to benefit the human condition is at the core of IEEE’s mission. For more than a century, the engineering community has been experimenting, enhancing, inventing, and ultimately moving technology forward. Whether the field is computers, bioinformatics, nanotechnology, microwaves, or any one of scores of additional fields, you will find an IEEE presence there—and you will find IEEE members moving that technology forward and aiding the global community.
I urge all of you to take the theme of this year’s IEEE Day—”Empowering Members To Create The Future”—to heart. It is within your power to make improvements, make discoveries, and make an impact—and in doing so, to change our world for the better.

   – Pedro Ray, IEEE Past President

The theme of this year’s IEEE Day, “Empowering Members To Create The Future”, calls all of us within the global IEEE community to action.
When IEEE takes up a challenge—bringing power and modern communications to remote areas, the need for clean water, the promotion of engineering education across the globe—it does so by utilizing the strengths of hundreds of thousands of leaders within the global engineering community. Industry, academia, government; the diversity of IEEE’s membership is its strength as it addresses the needs of today, and creates the solutions necessary to meet the needs of tomorrow.
Today, we urge you to join with IEEE as we continue “Empowering Members To Create The Future”. The dedicated efforts of IEEE members have, for decades, made the difference in countless lives—and, knowing our global IEEE community as we do, we know that this is a tradition that will be carried forth and built upon for many, many years to come.

   – James Prendergast, IEEE Executive Director

IEEE is a great organization!! I am proud to be a volunteer in it, the largest – and best – Technical Association in the world!!
On October 6th, 2011, we will celebrate our second “IEEE Day”!!!
Our first “IEEE day” – in 2010 – was coordinated by some of our Good Young Region 8 Professionals – and was a huge success!!
Help make “IEEE Day 2011” a banner day, by seeking out and addressing at least three “non-IEEE” friends – or colleagues at work – with a “Happy IEEE Day” greeting!!
Together, – let’s create an AWESOME – and EPIC – “IEEE Day 2011” on October 6th!!

   – Theodore Hissey, IEEE Director Emeritus

IEEE Day is a perfect time for all of us to consider our challenge of Empowering Members to Create the Future and to search for ways to contribute to this challenge. In the 127 year existence of IEEE our members have indeed done just that.
Technologies of today could not have been envisioned in 1884 when the first of the precursors to IEEE came into existence, founded by Norvin Green, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison, among others. It is now up to us, the current members of IEEE, to insure that those looking back a century from now will be equally impressed by what we have accomplished, and that the names of some current and future IEEE members will become just as recognizable as the illustrious founders.

   – Donna L. Hudson, IEEE Vice-President, Technical Activities

I am delighted to learn of the plans for IEEE Day on 6 October 2011. This is an excellent initiative and a most welcome opportunity for IEEE student members, indeed all IEEE members to learn more of the kaleidoscope of IEEE activities worldwide, in pursuit of Engineering and Technology, Education and Standards, and its contribution to Humanitarian causes. The event offers a unique occasion to benefit from networking by meeting old friends and making new acquaintances.

   – Prof. Tariq S Durrani, IEEE Vice-President, Educational Activities

The IEEE is advancing technology for humanity, and the members are IEEE. Celebrate making the world a better place.

   – Howard Michel, IEEE Vice-President, Member and Geographic Activities

I strongly support IEEE Day and encourage everyone to get involved. We all believe in enhancing the global reach of IEEE. This is a great opportunity to “Act locally and have an effect globally!”

   – Roger Pollard, IEEE Secretary

IEEE Day is an inspirational gathering of the global engineering community and a special celebration of IEEE members’ achievements. As the world’s largest professional association advancing technology for humanity, IEEE stands at the forefront of technological change for creating a better future. I would like to congratulate IEEE members and volunteers around the world for their contributions to technology innovation and implementation for the benefit of society.

   – Steve Mills, President, IEEE Standards Association

Just imagine what we could accomplish if we could harness the innovation, creativity and problem-solving abilities of 400,000 technical professionals for just 24 hours? IEEE Day is an opportunity for us to find out. It gives us an impetus to invest ourselves and our talents to make our world a better place for all. I strongly encourage all IEEE Members to take advantage of IEEE Day and make that personal investment. It will enrich you, both in the lives you help impact and in the IEEE relationships you build through your involvement.

   – Ron Jensen, IEEE USA President

IEEE Day offers us a short moment to reflect on how IEEE has impacted the world we live in, how it will impact the future for our children and their children, and in the broadest sense, humanity. I am offering up thanks and personal congratulations today to all of our tireless volunteers and loyal members. Without volunteers and members, and I know many of you are both, this highly dynamic organization that we and others hold in high esteem could not be. Your efforts, and those of the many that have come before, have built an unequalled organization for the advancement of science and engineering. I wear IEEE proudly on my sleeve, and I hope you do to. Once again, congratulations, and thanks.

   – Jeffrey M Voas, IEEE Division VI Director

I would like to extend my congratulations to all IEEE members around the world in the celebration of IEEE DAY. This great organization that bring all of us together without any distinction of race, religion, age or gender, is a real world family where the primary objective is the application of technology for the benefit of humanity. All the contributions and achievements from our volunteers and members really make IEEE the greatest technical organization in the world. CONGRATULATIONS IEEE!

   – Enrique Tejera, IEEE Division VII Director

Volunteerism offers many benefits to the individual. It helps members build professional skills. Skills like leadership, teamwork, facilitation are all improved through volunteer activities as individuals are required to work together through collaboration and negotiation. Technologists the World over look to the IEEE for the latest information updates.The networking opportunities, the information sharing, and the challenges provided by the IEEE have had a direct impact on keeping the World’s technologist, and the companys they work for, at their competitive best. To this end members, or volunteers, should join the IEEE with the assurance that they can stay up-to-date in a particular technical field, access the latest technical information, develop career opportunities, build a community of colleagues, participate in local or regional activities, and obtain products and services relating to a technically specific domain.

   – Susan K. Land, IEEE Division VIII Director

Scientific, technological, and application achievements obtained by IEEE members are essential for advancing industry and many application areas in our daily life. IEEE members make everybody’s life better!

   – Vincenzo Piuri, IEEE Division X Director

With over 400,000 members in 160 countries IEEE is indeed a global organization. But in spite of its global reach, IEEE has maintained its local touch giving our members wherever they are access to high caliber technical conferences as well as a myriad of local activities aimed at providing for their technical and social needs through our section and chapter activities.
Each year we recognize excellence in the professions that comprise the fields of interest of IEEE, in the form of awards and recognition at the local, regional, technical society and IEEE level, to leaders in our profession and volunteers. The activities being held around the world this week continue our difficult task of increasing the public’s awareness of the many facets of IEEE that go beyond engineering and technology to touch the lives of everyone, everywhere.
On behalf of our more than 34,000 members in the Northeastern United States (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont) and the entire Region 1 Board of Governors, I extend to IEEE volunteers and members all over the world the happiest of celebrations on this year’s anniversary of first public AIEE meeting and look forward to celebrating IEEE Day with you all for many years to come.

   – Charles Rubenstein, IEEE Region 1 Director

As we celebrate the second IEEE Day it is a good time to reflect on the nature and foundation of the IEEE.
The foundations of IEEE were laid over 125 years ago as a community to create value for themselves as members and for society. We have grown large and spread out across the world since, so it has not been easy to feel part of the IEEE community. Fortunately social media networks are alleviating that.
IEEE is volunteer-driven – meetings, conferences, magazines, journals, standards, et al are the results of contributions by tens of thousands of volunteers in collaboration with the IEEE staff. These folks come together to create communities (technical, professional, geographic) so they can create value for themselves and humanity.
IEEE Day is a great way to rekindle and reinforce this spirit of community in IEEE, to empower the members to create the future.

   – Edward Perkins, IEEE Region 6 Director

IEEE, the world’s largest technical/professional society, with over 400,000 Members worldwide, has grown and prospered over the past over 125 years. It will not be where it is today were it not for its Members’ contributions as volunteers. For IEEE to grow to greater strength and “Create the Future”, it is essential to engage and empower the Member, and to not forget to keep Member interests up front. The theme for the 2011 IEEE Day is very apt for that. I invite IEEE Members in all parts of the world take an active interest and part in the activities of this day.

   – Om Malik, IEEE Region 7 Director

Today we celebrate the IEEE Day and it is time that all members of this great organization join to share and celebrate.
This a great moment to remember the technological contributions of our founders in order to encourage and promote the future engineers. “Empowering Members to Create the Future” is the theme of this year, Region 9 believe in the young engineers and their capacity to make a better world to live with the application of the technology. Congratulations to all.

   – Tania L Quiel, IEEE Region 9 Director