IEEE Day Celebration: टक्कर – A Technical Debate Competition

टक्कर was to provide a platform for participants to discuss and deliberate upon contemporary technical issues, fostering a spirit of critical thinking and communication among students and professionals, supported by Dr. Kiran Amin sir, Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor & Executive Dean, FoET and chair of IEEE Gujarat Section and Prof. Rahul Jain sir, Branch Counsellor of IEEE Ganpat University Student Branch. The debate saw participation from students in various technical fields. Participants were divided into teams or individuals, depending on the format of the debate. The debate followed a structured format, which typically includes opening statements, rebuttals, cross-questioning, and closing arguments. Participants were given a specific topic related to technology, engineering, or science to debate upon.

The topics for the debate were carefully chosen to be relevant and thought-provoking, covering a wide range of technical subjects. A panel of judges, consisting of Prof. Rani Singh and Prof. Heena Patel, evaluated the participants based on their arguments, clarity of expression, and ability to counter opposing viewpoints. Scoring was done on predefined criteria, such as content, presentation, and rebuttals.

The debate witnessed passionate discussions on various technical issues, ranging from Artificial Intelligence and Renewable Energy to Cybersecurity and Sustainable Development. Participants displayed in-depth knowledge and research on their respective topics. Engaging and well-articulated arguments were presented by both sides of the debate.

Winners were selected based on their performance and adherence to the debate rules. Prizes were awarded to the Winner team, Two Best Speaker and One Best Debater.


Winners of  टक्कर – A Technical Debate


Krish Raj Yadav


Ratnik Marker


Dabhi Arif


Saiyam Lalan


Best Speaker of  टक्कर – A Technical Debate


Om V. Patel


Het Kikani


Best Debater of  टक्कर – A Technical Debate


Shashank Singh