As we mark IEEE Day 2013, it is appropriate to focus on the potential that lies behind this year’s theme, “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow”.  Right now, that potential is virtually limitless.

We have already seen something as commonplace as a gaming console repurposed into a tool for improved CAD/CAM design.  We have already seen an entire virtual banking system implemented throughout multiple African nations, relying primarily upon text messaging and so-called “non-smart” phones.  We have seen ‘frugal’, ‘reverse’ and other innovations created through the leveraging of technology.

I believe we have only barely scratched the surface of what could be possible as we leverage advances in technology in order to great even more significant strides forward and, ultimately, a better and more promising future.  My challenge to you as you mark this year’s IEEE Day is this: take the theme of “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow” to heart.  Focus the creativity and dedication you bring to your educational and professional pursuits on making a difference, either in the lives of individuals or communities.  Ours will be a better tomorrow—because you are bringing your boundless creativity and passion to bear in creating it.


E. James (Jim) Prendergast

IEEE Executive Director

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