Photo Contest

The IEEE Day Photo Contest is held every year as part of the IEEE Day celebrations. It is a way of highlighting the efforts of volunteers who go the extra mile in order to bring creativity to the celebrations.

In order to participate in the IEEE Day 2022 Photo contest, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Go to the ‘Events’ tab, and click on ‘Submit your Event‘ and sign in with your IEEE account.

2. Fill out the event submission form.

3. Your event photo will will appear on the event map after it has been reviewed and approved. Remember to copy down the exact name of your event.

4. Visit the ‘Contest Platform‘ to submit your event. In the top menu on the contest platform, you will see your entry as soon as the contest goes live.

5. Click ‘Enter‘ and upload your photo entry after choosing the relevant category. Please make sure you provide the exact corresponding event name that you submitted on the IEEE Day website.

6. Spread the word and wait for the voting to open.