IEEE Day-in-a-Box Event Kit

This kit is intended to guide your IEEE Day event celebrations, guiding you on all aspects of event planning. See samples below of small, mid-size, and larger event ideas, as well as resources for event topics. Continue checking in as we add resources in advance of IEEE Day!

10 Steps to Success

We’ve outlined just 10 easy steps to success! Each of these steps will walk you through what’s needed to make your event successful, from the inception of your idea all the way through the event’s impact.

All good events start with a good idea. Are you struggling with an idea for your event? Don’t stress, we have created a number of event suggestions that have broad interest and appeal. They range from very small to very large. No event is too small - wherever members are celebrating together, whether in person OR virtually, it’s IEEE Day! See below for sample event ideas and resources.

You’ll need to map out all of the needs of your event. The best place to start is nailing down the date. you can take advantage of all of the offerings and promote new higher grade member join discounts.

Next, determine your budget - that will inform many other aspects of the event, including the venue, food, program, registration, travel, equipment, and entertainment options.

You will also want to think about the flow of the event...

  • How much time will there be for formal presentation?
  • Will there be food served, and how much will be needed?
  • How will you handle dietary restrictions?
  • What equipment will be needed and will you be able to purchase or rent?
  • And how will you help non-members understand how they can become a member through the event?

Addressing these details will ensure your event’s success.

It’s time to partner with the appropriate resources to begin organizing your event. If you are new to planning an event, you may want to reach out to your Section Ambassadors, Region Lead or past event organizers for guidance. Depending on the size of your event, these resources may be able to guide you in creating an organizing team with defined roles for marketing, technical program oversight, budgeting, and event logistics. Sharing in the responsibility with your respective team members and determining clear roles and accountability will give you a better chance for success.

Your event may also warrant partnering with a guest speaker or a host for the event, and your Region Lead can guide you here. You can check out the IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Programs for various IEEE Societies for more information if interested.

Now that you’ve got a great event idea, started organizing your event, and partnered with a powerful team, you’ll need to get the word out about your plans!

There are many ways to promote your event and capture interest, and you’ll need to try several avenues to attract different people. Consider promotion through your local IEEE newsletters, communication vehicles at your university or organization, and social media.

Think creatively about how to best reach your target audience, and focus your efforts on those channels.

Be sure to comply with data privacy restrictions. Learn more.

If your event requires an accurate headcount, be sure to include a registration link, whether through a Facebook event or other event registration vehicles. If you use vTools, these events will show in IEEE Collabratec and give you more visibility and the opportunity to remind a larger community about your event.

You’ll also want to include marketing materials for non-members. You want your peers to become members so that they can enjoy the full benefits of being an IEEE member. Utilize the materials from your Membership Development kit, and use the coupon flyer and other promotional materials in the IEEE Day Toolkit to promote the new join discount.

Continue to remind registered attendees and members in your local Section about the event. If possible, create a calendar reminder or event notice so that you can avoid bombarding attendees with too much email. But do be sure to remind participants close to the event.

At Step 6, be sure to let us know about the plans for your event via the Event Submission Form (coming soon).

Please let us know as much detail as you can provide including the number of expected attendees - there will be a list of data to be filled about your event. We want to know all about your event since we can’t be there in person!

Just remember, events can be pinned starting in September and must be entered no later than the second week of October.

It’s time to celebrate! You’ve done a lot of hard work to prepare for your event, and now it’s time to enjoy the company of your fellow members and prospective members. Take lots of photos and videos to capture the event, and have lots of fun.

Be sure to live stream the event on the IEEE Day Facebook page and other social media platforms and tag IEEE Day with the hashtag #ieeeday2019 so that members around the world can share in the celebration.

Enter your favorite photos and videos from your event in the IEEE Day Photo and Video contests. Winners will be featured on the IEEE Day website, Facebook page, and IEEE Day Collabratec community as well as monetary prizes. Please remember to check the contest rules.

Don’t forget to vote on your favorite photos and videos and support your fellow members as well. This is also a great way to learn about other events across the world, and maybe even spark an idea for your event in 2020.

After IEEE Day, the meaningful connections you made through your event should grow throughout the year! If you worked with an event team, it’s important to recognize them through your Sections newsletter, website, personal phone calls, and emails. This last step is important in closing the loop successfully for your event.

Event Ideas



  • IEEE Day Webinar viewing party
  • Hands-on Workshop
  • Entrepreneurship seminar
  • New member meetup
  • IEEE picnic
  • TryEngineering lesson at local school


  • Section meeting
  • IEEE quiz contest
  • OU team builder activity
  • Tech scavenger hunt
  • Virtual tech chat
  • Senior member round-up


  • Hackathon
  • Tech topic lecturer
  • Professional skills seminar
  • Panel discussion
  • IEEE overview seminar

Event Resources

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