This year’s theme of “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow” asks us all to innovate, to push the boundaries of what is, in pursuit of what could be.

Social networking, the brain-machine interface, sensor networks, mobile and cloud computing, ‘big data’ analytics; these are only a few of the many technologies that continue to converge in new ways.  That convergence of technologies brings with it opportunities to do amazing, exciting things.

An array of ‘grand challenges’ are part of today’s world.  Making use of more sustainable sources of energy; increasing health through better-engineered medicines; reverse-engineering the brain; reverse-engineering medical devices and instruments (a much different proposition); building a robust and agile energy infrastructure—these are but a few of the many concerns that facing our world.

But as you look at the world around you and its challenges, take stock not only of what confronts you, but of the tools you have at your disposal.  First and foremost among those tools must be the passion and creativity you are already bringing to your chosen endeavors.  Look at old problems in new ways.  Use the unexpected as the solution to a commonplace problem.  Be relevant. These are vitally important tools and principles to leverage technology for a better tomorrow, and I am confident you will make the most of them.

Staecker Peter-head shot

Peter Staecker

2013 IEEE President and CEO