Get motivated and motivate IEEE members around you to celebrate IEEE Day! Discover your IEEE enthusiasm and share with others!

You can get involved by organizing many different types of events. It is suggested to take into consideration  the importance of the theme “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow” for your events.

Aside from the events being organized, you are encouraged to network online with the tools made available for this purpose: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or the IEEE Day website.

In order to create a deeper cohesion among the members, IEEE Day website will be running the following networking events:

  • Photo Contest: every member will be invited to take a picture from their IEEE Day Events and participate in the photo contest. This is a great opportunity to get awarded and be recognized for your excitement and effort! Photo Contest rules are available here.

  • Wear an IEEE Day t-shirt: members can find the link on the IEEE Day website where they can download the t-shirt template and print the t-shirts locally.

  • Upload IEEE or IEEE Day visuals to your Facebook and also other social media profile picture, during the IEEE Day. You are also welcome to make your IEEE Day event photos as your profile photos.

  • Share your celebration photos and related status with ‪#‎IEEEDAY2017 hashtag during IEEE Day and share your enthusiasm.

  • Celebrate with your IEEE friends and colleagues’ IEEE Day by sending messages, making calls etc.

  • Gather and celebrate IEEE Day with a technical and/or social event within your Region, Section, Student Branch, Chapter or Affinity Group.

What kind of activities can be organized for IEEE Day Events?

Events should pertain to the 2017 IEEE Day theme: Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow.

This includes:

  • Technical

  • Humanitarian

  • Professional Development

STEP Program, Pre-university Activities, Conceptual Visits, Technical or Non-Technical Workshops, Competitions, and Seminars are also great ideas for organizing events. You can combine more than one idea based on expectation from the celebration. And make the greatest day to all IEEE members around you!

Take into consideration your local needs and expectations to decide your celebration concept. You will have great results!

IEEE Day is a great opportunity to share your motivation and excitement with all IEEE members around you. You will see how the motivation increases during this celebration.

Don’t forget to support your event with social events during and after the main activity:

  • Dinners

  • Cake Cutting Ceremonies

  • Barbeque Parties

  • All kinds of Social Gatherings are suggested to support your main event.

You can use IEEE benefits while organizing your events:

IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Program is one of the most important tools for you. Consider having an IEEE membership development table during your event.

Don’t forget to use IEEE Visuals during your celebrations, they will enrich your activities and are part of the main criteria when participating in the Photo Contest.

We highly encourage participants to wear IEEE t-shirts and display flags or banners.

We hope IEEE Day 2017 will be jovial for all IEEE members!