IEEE Day 2011

It is the second time in history when all engineers worldwide are going to celebrate the IEEE Day. As a leading organization IEEE defines standards and directions in technology but as a leader, it is also responsible for future generations of engineers. Thus, this year the theme of the IEEE Day will be focused on “Empowering Members to Create the Future”.

The IEEE Day Team is made of IEEE student volunteers, young professionals and staff to assure that this year celebration will be even bigger and more impressive than a year ago. The main task of the IEEE Day Team is to initiate, motivate and coordinate events and efforts to celebrate this day worldwide.

Based on the experience from last year, the organizers prepared a totally new website with new features and enhancements. Social networks – the blood stream of recent days has been filled with new IEEE Day content. A new T-shirt design will be published for all who want to actively participate.

Beside a great time and empowering members to shape the future, the team took care of supporting active volunteers and encouraging them to participate in second edition of the photo contest.

Ten best pictures will be awarded with a $500 prize, designated for unit activities. Besides the contest, IEEE units are encourage to submit a group photo, to be gathered in one video and published in

Do not hesitate; share your excitement, visions and joy with engineers worldwide ;-)