IEEE Day Scavenger Hunt


See if you can find the answers to each of these questions!


  1. What is the mission and vision of IEEE?
  2. When does the IEEE Foundation’s Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign plan to meet its US$30 Million Campaign goal?
  3. How many local Sections does IEEE have?
  4. What is the latest new IEEE Future Directions technology initiative and what is it about?
  5. How many documents are found in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library?
  6. How many IEEE conferences are available to attend throughout the year?
  7. Which IEEE Collabratec community has the largest number of participants?
    • IEEE Membership Forum
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • IEEE Author Lab
    • IEEE Collabratec Users Forum
  8. How many active standards are available through the IEEE Standards Association?
  9. How many Technical Societies and Councils are available to join based on your technical interests?
  10. How many course providers offer materials through the IEEE Learning Library?