IEEE DAY Special Guest: Master Class #11 – Prof. Kathleen Kramer – Evolving Cyber Systems in Avionics


IEEE Day'i bizimle kutlamaya hazır mısınız? Computer Society Türkiye yeni dönemde de çalışmalarına son hızla devam ediyor! Master Class serimizin on birincisinde 2023 IEEE Seçilmiş Başkan ve CEO Adayı değerli Prof. Kathleen Kramer bizlerle olacak. "Aviyonikte Gelişen Siber Sistemler" konulu YouTube canlı yayınımız IEEE Day 'de 4 Ekim Salı günü, 19.00'da (TSİ) Kanalımıza abone olmayı ve yayına katılmayı unutmayın! Bizi izlemeye devam edin! EN: Are you ready to celebrate #ieeeday with us? Computer Society Turkey continues its works at full speed! In the eleventh of our Master Class series, 2023 IEEE President-Elect & CEO candidate Prof. Kathleen Kramer will be with us. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and join the broadcast about "Cyber Systems in Avionics" on Tuesday, October 4th, 19:00 (Turkish Time) at IEEE Day. Stay tuned! Avionics systems are part of a formerly slow-changing industry and that have emerged as cyber-physical systems, in an aviation context where practical implementation is complex, multi-agent, and safety critical. Will cover AI techniques that promise new solutions for these, but the priority on certification for safety makes some hard problems. Speaker(s): Prof Kathleen KRAMER, Agenda: Introduction about IEEE Day Introduction to Prof. Kathleen Kramer (2023 IEEE President Elect Candidate) Presentation about Evolving Cyber Systems in Avionics Q&A Session Virtual: