Gathering and Group Discussion on Benefits of IEEE

In the culminating event following Vineeth Vijayan’s enlightening talk, attendees experienced a group discussion focused on the manifold benefits of IEEE membership at the same venue on 9th October 6:30pm onwards. The session featured three speakers, each adding a unique perspective to the discussion. Sunil, the former chair of IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) Student Branch Chapter at IIT Kanpur, shared his personal journey of growth, underscoring the transformation he experienced through IEEE membership, particularly in PES. Ashok, the current chair of IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS) Student Branch Chapter at IIT Kanpur and a founding member, passionately detailed various his journey and impactful initiatives he led, such as tree plantation drives and organizing IEEE webinars. He emphasized how these efforts enhanced his network and honed his leadership skills. Shubam Verma, the Vice-chair of IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter, elucidated how his IEEE membership and his current role as Vice-chair elevated his visibility among student members. He shared his contributions to IEEE SBC and highlighted the opportunities this platform provided for personal and professional growth.

On a note of appreciation, with all the speakers receiving tokens of acknowledgment for their insightful speeches, inspiring everyone present to actively engage with the IEEE community and make the most out of their memberships. The event concluded with a group photograph of the speakers along with the gathered audience.