I3 Event: Interdisciplinary Idea Interaction on Remote Sensing Utilization Across Various Domains

The IEEE Day celebration is an annual event that brings together professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts from various engineering fields to celebrate the achievements and contributions to technological advancements. This year, the IEEE GRSS student chapter in Kerala organized the I3 event, which has an Interdisciplinary Idea Interaction session on the topic ‘Remote Sensing Utilization Across Various Fields.’ The I3 event featured a series of sessions, including keynote speeches, an idea interaction session, and a panel discussion. The event also encompasses the IEEE GRSS membership drive. The event was conducted on 3rd October 2023 at Swayam Prabha Hall, Avionics, IIST. Ms. Jayati Vijaywargiya does the event anchoring. The introductive talk on IEEE day celebrations and IEEE GRSS activities was delivered by the IEEE GRSS student section chair (Ms. Punya), followed by the IEEE GRSS section chair in Kerala (Dr Deepak Mishra). Dr. Kuruvila Joseph, Registrar and Dean of IIST inaugurated the I3 event. The closing remarks were given by the IEEE section chair in Kerala (Dr. B S Manoj).

After that, Interdisciplinary Idea Interaction started with a broad talk by representatives from four disciplines (Remote Sensing, Geoscience, Atmospheric Science, and Avionics). The “Idea Interaction Section” on remote sensing provided a platform for experts, researchers, and students to share their insights and discuss and exchange innovative ideas related to remote sensing technologies. The panel discussion session is mentored by faculties from IIST (Dr. Ramiya, Dr. Deepak Mishra, Dr. BS Manoj, and Dr. Chinmoy Saha). Speakers and panelists discussed various applications of remote sensing, including the use of satellite imagery and sensors for climate forecasting, mineral mapping, crop monitoring, and yield prediction. There was also a discussion about the latest advancements in remote sensing technology, such as integrating artificial intelligence and virtual reality in data analysis. After that, mementos and prizes were distributed to faculties and student representatives. The valedictory speech was delivered by the IEEE APS and MTTS section chair (Dr. Chinmoy Saha), and the event ended with a hi-tea session. Overall, the Idea Interaction session on remote sensing during the IEEE Day celebration was a resounding success, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and knowledge among participants.