WIE officers present a number of technical and non technical booths at IEEE Day.

listed as : (technical)

1) Nanotechnology & breast cancer
2) VR & Zaha Hadid
3) It’s not just a number 
4 ) FES project

The “Nanotechnology & breast cancer” booth explored the role of nanotechnology in early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

The “VR & Zaha Hadid” booth allowed participants to experience the architectural creations of Zaha Hadid through virtual reality.

The functional electrical stimulation device (FES) promotes voluntary movement and is used to increase muscle strength, reduce convulsion and encourage movement recovery in stroke patients with paralysis.

We also presented a number of distinctive ideas for students on how to benefit from their university numbers in many useful and free fields, such as the git hub website, which contains many programs in different fields such as game development, the Internet of Things, and many fields that benefit the student.

(non technical)

1) Dream vs Reality 
2) Flip the bottle 
3) Left hand game
4) Membership booth (Memory Cards Website)

The “Dream vs Reality” booth encouraged attendees to reflect on their dreams and explore ways to turn them into reality.

The “Flip the bottle” booth challenged participants’ dexterity by attempting to flip a bottle and land it upright as a game for fun.

The Left Hand Game booth provided a fun challenge that amused both participants and spectators.

The Membership booth highlighted the benefits and opportunities offered by IEEE membership using a Memory Cards Website, encouraging attendees to join and become an integral part of this influential community.

These booths collectively provided a vibrant and diverse atmosphere at the IEEE Day celebrations, offering something for everyone to learn, engage, and be inspired by.