Technerd 3.0

Round 1: Virtual Brain Teasers
On 6th of October, The competition kicked off with a virtual voyage, challenging participants with a barrage of tech questions that spanned a spectrum of topics. From the fundamentals of technology to cutting-edge advancements, contestants showcased their knowledge and analytical skills in a digital showdown. This round, devoid of coding challenges, emphasized a comprehensive understanding of tech concepts, setting the stage for a thrilling and intellectually stimulating competition.

Round 2: Offline Mindshare
The second round transitioned into an offline mindshare, where participants engaged in a face-to-face exploration of tech brilliance. Unraveling intricate tech puzzles and theories, contestants delved into the depths of their technological knowledge. This round celebrated traditional tech skills without coding challenges, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared enthusiasm for the intricacies of technology.

TechQuest 2023 emerged not only as a showcase of technological prowess but also as a testament to the unity and passion within the IEEE YMCA Student Branch. By merging the virtual and offline worlds, the event captured the essence of IEEE Day, leaving participants with a profound sense of camaraderie and the thrill of a technological showdown.