3 Minute Thesis Competition: Bring on the Spice!

This event brings two classic challenges together – the 3 Minute Thesis Challenge and the Hot One’s Challenge. There will also be a guest lecture from President – Elect & Board Vice Chair at IEEE Canada (IEEE Region 7), Dr. Tom Murad, Ph.D., P.Eng. , F.E.C., SM.IEEE. 

Audience members will volunteer to present any subject they are knowledgeable on for 3 minutes, whether it is their thesis research or something they are passionate about. Each participant will have 3 minutes to present their topic comprehensively. Then, there will be a Q&A session where the remaining audience members can ask questions about what the student just presented.  

This event not only challenges individuals from an intellectual point of view but from a spice-tolerance level too! Participants will put their communication skills to the test by practicing how to present technical topics to a multidisciplinary audience and receiving feedback – with a hint of spice of course… 

NOTE: This registration link is for registering as a guest. If you want to register as a contestant, please fill out the form below.