Athenaeum Talk Series – AI for Societal Applications

Speaker: Dr Makarand Tapaswi

Topic: AI for Societal Applications

No of Participants: 92

Key Points

Some key topics covered as a part of this talk are as follows:

  • Various areas of research that are being conducted at Wadhwani AI.
  • Targeted projects on the detection of neonatal fatality rates using Convolutional Neural Networks interfaced into an easy end-user application for the general public.
  • Further discussed applications of AI in farming and crop disease detection. 
  • Spoke about the literacy and language proficiency research using real-time voice conversion and analysis techniques being conducted at Wadhwani AI for the rural middle school children.
  • Live demos of the tools and website of Wadhwani AI, including the above-mentioned projects.
  • Motivated students to pursue projects with real-world applications that can benefit the society.