Athenaeum Talk Series – High Frequency link DC-DC Isolated Power Converters

Speaker: Dr Rupesh Wandhare

Topic: High Frequency link DC-DC Isolated Power Converters

Key Points

Some key topics covered as a part of this talk are as follows:

  • Introduction to various applications of different DC-DC topologies ie flyback, pushpull ,forward ,half-bridge and Full bridge
  • Discussed the working of the converters 
  • Discussed the working of a CLLLC Full bridge DC-DC converter , looked into frequency of operation and control using switching frequency
  • Looked into CLLLC working in phase shift mode , looked into concepts such as ZVS switching and dead band
  • Discussed the control system of the CLLLC converter with small signal modeling, bode plot of the power converter was explained with finding the optimum frequency corresponding to different voltage and power for efficient operation.