Athenaeum Talk Series – New Frontiers of Hardware Security in the IoT Regime

Topic:  New Frontiers of Hardware Security in the IoT Regime

Speaker:  Dr. Swarup Bhunia

Dr. Swarup Bhunia, a Professor of IoT at the University of Florida, spoke about the significant challenges associated with IoT security in today’s interconnected world. The event provided valuable insights into the critical domain of IoT security and emerging solutions for secure hardware.  The talk focused on the concept of trustworthy hardware and how recent security attacks on microchips and circuits have raised concerns and the need to establish hardware trust anchors in IoT devices. The presentation shed light on the security issues stemming from current business models, which underscored the urgency of enhancing hardware security. Dr. Bhunia highlighted the integral role of verification in ensuring hardware security and discussed the development of novel security primitives and design-for-security approaches as essential elements in achieving secure hardware for diverse IoT applications. The attendees gained valuable insights into the importance of secure hardware, the role of verification, and innovative approaches to address evolving security threats.