Athenaeum Talk Series – Semiconductors: Past, Present and Future

Athenaeum Talk Series by CAS society as a part of IEEE Day Celebrations

The talk on the topic of Semiconductors: Past, Present and Future was conducted by Sudipto Das, an executive committee member of IEEE CAS Bangalore section and an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur.  He has co-founded three startups in VLSI Design services and has been in the semiconductor industry for over 27 years.  This online session was open to everyone, offering a comprehensive exploration into the world of semiconductors and  insights into its promising future.

Key topics covered by the speaker:

  • History of semiconductors in India
  • Evolution of semiconductor technology over the years
  • Importance of semiconductors
  • Leading companies in the semiconductor industry at present
  • Application of semiconductors in various industries
  • Stages and cost of Silicon Hardware Design: product definition, architecture design, IC design and validation
  • Future of semiconductor industry in India: SemiconIndia2023 

 The session concluded with an interactive Q&A between the speakers and the attendees.