Balancing Act: Women In Engineering Work-Life Harmony

IEEE SB Panimalar Engineering College, Panimalar Institute of Technology in association with IEEE WIE SB chapters, organized a webinar on Balancing Act: Women in Engineering and Work – Life Harmony on the occasion of IEEE Day Celebration 2023 under the track of IEEE Expo 2.0 – Esperanza by Dr. Sree Sharmila T, Chairman of IEEE WIE Madras section, Associate Professor, College of Engineering, Guindy. Dr. Sree Sharmila discussed the challenges and opportunities for women in engineering while also addressing the crucial topic of achieving work-life harmony. Around 80 participants attended the webinar, gaining profound insights into the role of women in engineering and the strategies for achieving a balanced work-life integration. The Student Coordinators Narmadha R, Santha Lakshmi S, Janani P, and Sushmitha M coordinated the event along with the Staff Coordinator, Mr. M. Arun, AP/ECE.