Breaking Barriers: Women’s Career Success in Patriarchal Workplaces

To celebrate IEEE Day’23 with the theme of “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow,” the IEEE NSU Student Branch Women In Engineering Affinity Group, in collaboration with IEEE NSU Student Branch, arranged a Talk Session entitled “Breaking Barriers: Women’s Career Success in Patriarchal Workplaces” on 10th October 2023.

The main objective of this seminar was to equip our students with a thorough grasp of the obstacles women face in patriarchal workplaces. We aimed to explore methods for identifying and addressing gender prejudice and stereotypes in the workplace, enhancing the self-assurance of our female students as they navigate such settings, and effectively addressing gender biases in professional environments.

Our speakers, Dr. Farhana Akhtar, Tasnuva Ahmed and Sheikh Samanin Tasnim, shared their insights and provided a heads-up on what women can face in future in workplaces and act on it, supported by their personal experiences.

Participants actively interacted with the speakers, posing questions and receiving valuable insights. This interaction allowed women to draw inspiration from those who have excelled in traditionally male-dominated fields, gain insights into their success strategies, and kindle their ambitions to reshape their journey toward success.

The Talk Session was held from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM and took place at the SEPS Conference Room, North South University, joined by 30 participants. As a gesture of gratitude, we presented our speakers with tokens of appreciation at the end of the event.