IEEE Day 2023 Celebration

Date: October 3, 2023; Venue: Meghnad Saha Hall, NIT Patna, Bihar, India

Invited Guest: 1. IEEE Patna Subsection Vice Chair – Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, IEEE Membership Number: 92479972

Subsection Treasurer – Dr. Bal Chand Nagar, IEEE Membership Number: 92800192

Subsection WIE Vice-Chair – Dr. Sangeeta Singh, IEEE Membership Number: 92952894

IEEE NIT Student Branch PI – Dr. Subodh Srivastava, IEEE Membership Number: 95516447

IEEE MTT-S Ambassador – Dr. Rajan Agrahari, IEEE Membership Number: 98205680

                     IEEE Day 2023 was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the IEEE Student Branch at NIT Patna, organized by their Society of Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT-S) and Signal Processing (SPS). The event aimed to bring together IEEE members to celebrate technology and innovation. Below is a summary of the exciting activities that took place during the celebration.

  1. IEEE Membership Drive: The event kicked off with an IEEE membership drive, encouraging attendees to join or renew their IEEE memberships. This initiative aimed to expand the IEEE community and provide access to its valuable resources.
  1. Engaging Social Activities: Participants engaged in various social activities, fostering networking and camaraderie among IEEE members. These activities allowed members to connect, share ideas, and strengthen their bond within the IEEE community.
  1. Delicious cake-cutting ceremony: A delightful cake-cutting ceremony added a sweet touch to the celebration. Attendees gathered to celebrate the IEEE spirit while indulging in delicious cake.
  1. Certificate and Prize Distribution: Outstanding members and contributors to the IEEE community were recognized and rewarded during the event. Certificates and prizes were distributed to commend the dedication and efforts of IEEE members.
  1. Photography Event: A unique photography contest was organized, allowing attendees to capture the essence of innovation and technology on IEEE Day. Participants followed specific guidelines, including adding the IEEE Day logo to their photos. The most-liked video or photo on social media stood a chance to win an exciting prize worth ₹2000.

        IEEE Day 2023 at NIT Patna was a resounding success, celebrating the passion for technology and innovation that unites IEEE members. Through engaging activities, networking opportunities, and a photography competition, attendees showcased their dedication to the IEEE community. The event was a testament to the spirit of technological advancement and collaboration among IEEE members. The IEEE Student Branch at NIT Patna is proud to have organized such a memorable celebration and looks forward to more such events in the future.