Celebration of World Space Week

As a part of the celebration of World Space Week (https://www.worldspaceweek.org/) and
IEEE Day, FESA (First Year Engineering Student Association) is organizing two exciting
competitions in association with PACE Aeroclub that will surely ignite your passion for space
exploration and technology.
1. Kite Flying Competition: (Date: October 9, 2023, 3:00 PM. PACE GROUNDS)
Unleash your creativity and take to the skies as you participate in our Kite Flying
Competition. Let your imagination soar as high as your kite.
 The Kite should have the IEEE DAY Logo
 Team should not be more than 10 members.
 Coordinator: Prof. Supriya Bangera, Department of Chemistry
2. Model Making Competition: (Date: October 10, 2023, 3:00 PM. E LEARNING
Build Your Own Model Spacecraft: For those with a knack for hands-on creations,
we have the Model Making Competition. Channel your inner astronaut as you craft
your very own model spacecraft. Whether you’re into NASA’s cutting-edge designs or
the sleek European Space Agency (ESA) crafts, the possibilities are limitless.
Here are some fantastic resources to help you get started:
 Build your own spacecraft (NASA):
 Build your own Aeolus (ESA):
 Build your own Rosetta
 Team should not be more than 8 members.
 Coordinator: Prof. Sowmya Shetty, Department of Mathematics
Our panel of judges will evaluate your models based on creativity, accuracy, and attention to
detail. Prizes will be awarded to the top entries, in both the categories.

A total of 16 teams enthusiastically participated in this event, each comprised of 10 members. These teams showcased their creativity by designing kites adorned with the distinctive IEEE DAY Logo.

The competition was expertly coordinated by a team of dedicated professors:

•Prof. Supriya Bangera from the Department of Chemistry
•Prof. Sowmya Shettty from the Mathematics Department
•Dr. Abdul Razak from the Mechanical Department
In an exhilarating display of skill and determination, the team led by Adhil from the 1st semester of Mechanical Engineering emerged as the champions, securing the first prize. Their kite soared high, symbolizing the spirit of exploration and innovation.

Additionally, the team led by Thameem from the 1st semester of Computer Science demonstrated exceptional kite-flying prowess, earning them a well-deserved second place.

This event successfully combined the joy of kite flying with the celebration of space exploration and technological advancement. It showcased the remarkable talent and creativity of the students at PACE GROUNDS. Congratulations to all the participants and organizers for a memorable and successful Kite Flying Competition.