The IEEE STB ZHCET organized a Debate Competition on October 08, 2023, from 11 to 1
PM IST. The event was held at the Civil Department Conference room, ZHCET. The
distinguished jury panel included Mr. Ifam, Dr. Mohammad Kamil Khan, and Prof. Riwan Khan.
The thought-provoking topic of the debate was “Space Exploration: Should we invest more in
Mars Colonization or Earth’s Sustainability?”
In a display of eloquence and persuasive argumentation, Misbahur Rehman, a first-year B.Sc.
Computer Applications student, emerged as the winner, advocating in favor of Mars
colonization. The event was conducted with precision and adherence to schedule.
A noteworthy aspect was the provision of refreshments for all participants, jury members, and
the attentive audience, adding to the cheerful and vibrant ambiance. The intellectual vigor
exhibited by the participants, coupled with the insightful deliberations of the esteemed jury, truly
elevated the event.
This debate competition served as a testament to the intellectual prowess and engagement within
the student community at ZHCET. It demonstrated an ardent passion for exploring the frontiers
of space exploration and sustainability, aligning with the cutting-edge discussions prevalent in
the field of technology.
The IEEE STB ZHCET Debate Competition was a commendable success, fostering intellectual
discourse and collaborative spirit among the budding technocrats of ZHCET.