Empowering Our IEEE Community: An Exclusive Session with Mr. Mohamed Neji

To mark IEEE Day, IEEE ENETCOM SB orchestrated an enriching online gathering featuring one of our distinguished senior members, Mr. Mohamed Neji.

In this session, Mr. Neji shared his extensive insights into the world of IEEE, drawing from his impressive experience both on a global scale and within our local chapter, IEEE ENETCOM SB. With eloquence, he delved into the intricate IEEE hierarchy, recounting his journey and contributions to our dynamic organization. Furthermore, Mr. Neji outlined our ambitious goals for the year.

This session served as an excellent platform for membership development within IEEE ENETCOM SB, where Mr. Neji’s compelling narrative resonated with potential members, encouraging their participation.

As a testament to the session’s success, we welcomed new members into our vibrant IEEE community, fortifying our commitment to fostering growth and innovation within our ranks.