Expert talk on Operation of Powergrid in India

The operation of the power grid in India is a complex and highly coordinated endeavor that plays a crucial role in providing reliable and affordable electrical energy to one of the world’s most populous nations. The Indian power grid is a vast network of power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities that work together to supply electricity to homes, industries, and businesses across the country.

To have a knowledge of operation of powergrid in India, we organised an expert talk by Mr. Ajeet Kumar (Dy. Manager- Powergrid India) on ocassion of IEEE day celebration week. Mr. Kumar gave useful information about the operation of Powergrid to attendees. Firstly he described about key components of the powergrid, this included topics like: Power Generation,  operation of thermal power plants, India’s transmission network, Regional Grids, and operation of regionwise Load Dispatch Centers(LDCs).

Later, he disscussed the challenges that powergrid is facing like:  Maintaining the stability of the grid,  integration of renewable energy sources, reducing transmission and distribution losses, and grid Modernization.