Finders Keepers-Technical Treasure Hunt

Date: October 3, 2023
Time:  2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Venue: College of Engineering Vadakara

Event Recap:
Finders Keepers, the enthralling technical treasure hunt orchestrated by IEEE Student Branch CEV as a cornerstone of the IEEE Day celebrations, achieved resounding success.

The event kickstarted with a warm and hearty welcome from Aathsha Mehar, the  Chairperson of IEEE SB CEV, who kindled the spirit of IEEE Day. Subsequently, Gemima, the Vice Chair of Women in Engineering (WiE), delivered an enlightening overview of this remarkable event.

Event Framework:
– The journey commenced at the Mini Auditorium, where a challenging game set the stage.
– Triumph was the path to a QR code for the victorious team.
– Participants embarked on their quest by scanning the QR code, unlocking a treasure trove of questions.
– Each QR code revealed one or two meticulously crafted PDF files.
– In the case of two PDFs, the answer to the first question paved the way to the second PDF.
– The cryptic clues within the PDFs guided participants to consecutive locations and exciting games.
– Each level bore its unique QR code, marking distinct adventures.
– Passwords were simple, composed of lowercase letters without spaces or special characters.

The event concluded on a high note with reflections from Ashfaqh, the Vice Chairperson of IEEE SB CEV, and Lamiya Noushad, the esteemed IEEE Day Ambassador and Link Representative of IEEE SB CEV. The crowning moment arrived as the winners were honored and applauded. Lamiya, in her graceful manner, extended gratitude in the vote of thanks, bringing the event to a graceful close.