Guess Me

A puzzle challenge named “Guess me” by IEEE PES SB CEK conducted on 06/10/2023 at the
seminar hall.
The aim of this picture scramble puzzle is to challenge your problem solving skills and visual
precption.They can help to improve your concentration,spatial awareness, and pattern
recognition abilities.These puzzles typically involves rearranging randomly shuffled pieces to
recreate the original image.

Event Objective
1. Entertainment: these puzzles are often created for entertainment, offering a fun and
challenging activity to engage with.
2. Cognitive skills: They can help improve cognitive skills such as spatial resoning,
problem solving and concentration.
3. Pattern recognition: By rearranging the pieces to form a complete picture, you enhance
your ability to recognize patterns and shapes.
4. Patience and perseverance: Solving these puzzles often requires patience and
perseverance, as it can be a gradual process.