Guided Project Series: Powering Microcontrollers Using Solar Energy

With the emergence of sustainable energy in the future, it is essential and effective to practice in the field of renewable energy. Introduction to smart grids and solar panels have already made an impact on energy conservation and efficiency.

With the continuation of advancement and the aim for students to get used to solar panels, upon the celebration of IEEE Day 2023, the IEEE NSU PES Student Branch Chapter is organizing “Guided Project Series: Powering Microcontrollers using Solar Energy” in collaboration with IEEE NSU Student Branch and IEEE NSU RAS Student Branch Chapter. The workshop will take place on 13th October 2023.

This workshop is aimed to demonstrate how solar panels work through a model design, Through Battery, and Solar how the Microcontroller unit will function with an extended load, the charging and discharging characteristics along with the heat and electrical energy conversion will also be discussed.

This workshop is open to all power enthusiasts and IEEE members.
Topics will be as follows:
1. Introduction to Solar Energy Conversion
2. Introduction to Load management
3. Charging and Discharging phase
4. A hands-on project based on Solar Energy with Microcontroller