How Much Do You Know About WhatsApp?

The IEEE Student Branch at Kallooppara organized a engaging and interactive event titled
“How Much Do You Know About WhatsApp?” as part of the IEEE Day celebration on October
6, 2023. The event aimed to blend knowledge and enjoyment through a fun-filled quiz
session based on WhatsApp, a widely used messaging platform.
The “How Much Do You Know About WhatsApp?” event was designed to celebrate
IEEE Day with an entertaining twist, engaging participants in a quiz format that tested their
knowledge about various features, updates, and interesting facts related to the popular
messaging application, WhatsApp. The event aimed to promote camaraderie and learning in
a relaxed environment.
The objective of the “How Much Do You Know About WhatsApp?” event was to celebrate IEEE
Day by creating a lively and enjoyable learning environment through a quiz format. The event aimed
to test participants’ knowledge of WhatsApp features, updates, and trivia while fostering a sense of
community and engagement within the IEEE Student Branch at Kallooppara. Ultimately, the goal was
to promote IEEE Day celebration as a blend of educational enrichment and shared enjoyment among
the members.
The “How Much Do You Know About WhatsApp?” event yielded positive outcomes as participants
actively engaged in the quiz, showcasing their knowledge and enthusiasm. The interactive format
fostered a sense of camaraderie among IEEE Student Branch members during the IEEE Day
celebration. The event successfully achieved its goal of combining fun, learning, and community
building within the IEEE community at Kallooppara.