1. Introduction:
The IEEE Day Celebration event, “Pokemon Hunter,” held in the first week of October, was a captivating and engaging experience designed for the first-year juniors at JC BOSE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, YMCA. The event aimed to foster fun,  teamwork, problem-solving skills, and technical collaboration among the participants.

2. Event Structure:
Teams, comprising 3-4 students, embarked on a thrilling treasure hunt across the college campus. The essence of the hunt revolved around solving riddles that led to the discovery of the next location. Each correct solution unveiled a QR code displaying a unique Pokemon, confirming the team’s correct identification of the location.

3. Progressive Challenges:
The event unfolded as teams navigated through the college grounds, encountering successive challenges and riddles at each station. The dynamic nature of the Pokemon-themed hunt ensured continuous engagement and excitement. Correctly identifying the Pokemon at each stage allowed teams to receive a new riddle, propelling them forward towards the final destination.

4. Technical Support:
To enhance the participants’ experience and address any technical issues that might arise during the event, dedicated seniors were strategically placed at QR code stations. Their role was to assist juniors, ensuring a seamless progression through the Pokemon Hunt. This approach not only provided technical guidance but also facilitated inter-year bonding.

5. Prize Distribution:
To add an extra layer of excitement, the top three teams were awarded exciting goodies as prizes for their outstanding performance. The inclusion of prizes not only acknowledged participants’ efforts but also heightened the competitive spirit, enhancing the overall experience.

The “Pokemon Hunt” IEEE Day Celebration event emerged as a resounding success, blending elements of adventure, problem-solving, and technical ingenuity. The active participation of first-year juniors, coupled with the support of seniors, created an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared accomplishment. The event not only celebrated the spirit of IEEE but also fostered a sense of community within the college. As a result, the “Pokemon Hunt” stands as a testament to the creativity and collaborative spirit present among the students of JC BOSE UNIVERSITY AND TECHNOLOGY, YMCA.

In summary, the IEEE Day Celebration “Pokemon Hunt” not only celebrated IEEE Day but also showcased the creative and collaborative spirit within the student community at our College.
 The success of this event sets a positive precedent for future IEEE celebrations, highlighting the commitment to innovation, community building, and acknowledging excellence within the IEEE community