Dear members and friends of IEEE,

 we invite you to join us in celebrating IEEE Day on October 3rd, 2023.

Our journey over the past months  has been filled with innovation, growth, and a deepening appreciation for the ever-evolving world of technology. IEEE Day is the perfect occasion to reflect on our accomplishments and look ahead to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Here’s what we have in store for you:

Seminar on Mix media like AR , VR and AI  :Join us for a fun and interactive event where we’ll showcase some of the most ingenious technologies . It’s a chance to witness firsthand the incredible innovation happening right here at our university.


Panel Discussion on Tech in Education: Technology plays a pivotal role in modern education. Our panel discussion will explore the impact of technology on the learning process and how students can harness it for their academic and professional growth.

This event marks the continuation of an exciting journey in our students’ technical careers. It promises to provide valuable perspectives on the realm of engineering in a dynamic event-based format. Additionally, it emphasizes the significance of research throughout your academic voyage.