IEEE Day 2023: BRUSH-UP ON YOUR INTERVIEW SKILLS: Reinvent Yourself Workshop

   On October 11th, 2023, IEEE ESPRIT SB celebrated IEEE Day, where participants explored IEEE’s benefits and the roles of each chapter and group.     

   Following this introduction, we moved on to the workshop sessions. Our workshop, titled “BRUSH-UP ON YOUR INTERVIEW SKILLS: Reinvent Yourself,” was hosted by Ms. “Mayssa Souissi”, an Associate English Language Teacher and Soft Skills Trainer.

The workshop covered various aspects, including why interviews matter, what interviewers are looking for, a breakdown of a first interview, how to be prepared, practice and polish for an interview, the most common interview questions, how to answer them, and what to avoid saying. Finally, concluded with some quick tips provided by Ms. “Mayssa”.

   We also took photos to capture the memories.