On the 3rd of October, the Jamia Chapter of IEEE celebrated IEEE DAY 2k23 with great enthusiasm and  excitement. IEEE DAY is an annual event celebrated worldwide to commemorate the formation of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and its contributions to technological advancements.
This year’s theme was “Leveraging technology for a better tomorrow.” Throughout the day, various activities were organized by the IEEE Jamia Chapter to engage students and promote technological innovation. Here are some of the key features of the IEEE DAY 2k23 celebration at

1- Technical Workshops:
The event kicked off with a series of technical workshops conducted by industry experts and renowned researchers. These workshops covered topics such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and renewable energy. Students had the opportunity to learn from experts in these fields and gain practical insights into cutting-edge technologies.

2- Project Exhibitions:
Students from different branches showcased their innovative projects during the event. The exhibition provided a platform for students to present their ideas and solutions for real-world problems. From smart home automation systems to sustainable energy solutions, the projects demonstrated the creativity and technical prowess of JMI students.

3- Guest Lectures:
Eminent speakers from academia and industry delivered inspiring talks on emerging technologies and their impact on society. These lectures provided valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the field of electrical engineering, motivating students to think
beyond the conventional boundaries of technology.

4- Hackathon:
A highlight of the IEEE DAY celebration was the hackathon, where students collaborated in teams to develop innovative solutions to specific challenges. The hackathon encouraged participants to think critically and creatively to solve real-world problems. Students were given a specific challenge related to this year’s theme, “Leveraging technology for a better tomorrow.” They had to brainstorm ideas, develop
prototypes, and present their solutions within a limited time frame. The hackathon fostered teamwork, problem-solving skills, and showcased the students’ ability to come up with innovative ideas.

5- Networking Opportunities:
IEEE DAY also offered networking opportunities for students to connect with professionals in the field. Students had the chance to interact with industry experts, researchers, and alumni through informal sessions and networking events. These interactions provided valuable guidance, mentorship, and potential career opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in electrical engineering or related fields.

The IEEE DAY celebration at JMI was a resounding success, with enthusiastic participation from students across various disciplines. The event not only showcased the technical skills of the students but also emphasized the importance of innovation and collaboration in shaping a better technological future.