IEEE Day 2023 Celebration by IEEE FSD Subsection

The IEEE Faisalabad Subsection played a pivotal role in the successful organization and participation of the IEEE Day Celebration 2023, held on October 9th, 2023. This event served as a significant platform for the exchange of ideas, research findings, and collaboration among researchers and IT practitioners, drawing participants from both Pakistan and around the globe. On the first day of the conference, IEEE Faisalabad Subsection members enthusiastically joined the ICIT 2023 participants in celebrating IEEE Day 2023.

The celebration was marked by engaging activities and events, with a special cake-cutting ceremony taking center stage. This IEEE Day celebration provided a unique opportunity for IEEE members to come together and allowed them to share in the festivities with their fellow conference attendees. The delightful cake-cutting ceremony added a touch of festivity to the event, fostering a sense of camaraderie and strengthening the bonds among IEEE Faisalabad Subsection members and their fellow ICIT 2023 participants.


International and national members participated in the cake-cutting ceremony and celebration. Among national members, over 100 IEEE members and 300 other members from Faisalabad and other cities actively participated in the event. Dr. Uzma Jamil, Chairperson of IEEE FSD Subsection, and other executive members were among the prominent members of the Faisalabad Subsection who contributed to the success of the event. Their presence added value to the proceedings, and their active participation fostered collaboration.

The active collaboration of IEEE Faisalabad Subsection members, along with the IEEE Day celebration, added tremendous value to the conference, contributing to its overall success. This event showcased the commitment of professionals, researchers, and academics to advancing technology and addressing the evolving needs of Pakistan. The IEEE Faisalabad Subsection eagerly anticipates future collaborations and endeavors of such importance in the realm of information technology.


The event’s objectives were clearly defined to ensure its success in providing a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the formulation of solutions to technological challenges. Some of the key objectives were:

  • Collaboration on Emerging Topics: Through this platform, participants could explore new horizons and opportunities.
  • Bringing Academicians and Practitioners Together: Tried to bridge the gap between academicians and practitioners, encouraging them to work together in developing innovative solutions and research directions.