IEEE-Day 2023 Celebrations

IEEE Day 2023 Celebration
A day to honour the incredible journey of IEEE and empower our student members! 
Our very own Dr. Sarika Chouhan and Mr. Tathagat Kumar SSR 2021 Bombay Section led a fantastic ‘KNOW YOUR IEEE’ session, unveiling the treasure trove of IEEE resources for our new members.
Next up, we delved into the world of coding with IEEE Xtreme, sparking enthusiasm among future coders. The Ambassador of IEEE Xtreme 17.0 Ms. Athira Kollara, the Student Mentor of IEEE-VSIT gave insights about the competition.  
The excitement continued with a series of Quiz rounds, rewarding active participants with goodies! 
IEEE Day was all about inspiring, empowering, and showing our members the endless opportunities that IEEE offers. Whether in tech or humanitarian efforts, we’re here to make a difference!