IEEE Day 2023-Helping Hands

The event began at 2:30PM in the afternoon. The guests for this event were Dr.R.K.Jain sir (director JSPM RSCOE), Dr.A.S.Dewasthali sir (Vise Principal JSPM RSCOE), Damini Kotamkar ma’am (National Support Team Bhumi) and Swati Bhisikar ma’am (Faculty coordinator IEEE).


Following the felicitation of the guests, Dr. R.K Jain addressed the students about the formation of IEEE and how it got enrolled in JSPM which was then followed by the past achievements of the the SB and the SB members.


Siddhesh (Vice chair) & Sakshi (Secretary) took over the show and combinedly they both addressed the audience about IEEE and its various opportunities. They gave keen information about IEEE, its different societies, it’s various Student Branches, and how it’s helping students stand out of the crowd and achieve their dream. They also shared their personal thoughts about how IEEE is adding value to their lives.


Next, Shenila & Ritish took over the show, where they briefed the students about the importance of Volunteering. They addressed the public with the moto how adding value to another human makes you valuable too. They shared their views and their experiences throughout their Volunteering journey with IEEE.


Here after the program proceeded ahead where the guest of the program Ms. Damini kotambar from NGO Bhumi spoke to students about various aspects of Volunteering. She gave students a quick reality check about the current ground level situations in India wherein how human trafficking is taking away all the joys out from the children’s life, & how till today in India basic fundamental right of education is not being fulfilled to the kids due to poor family conditions. She spoke about how child labour is still ruining the innocent lives & how they are not getting atleast a normal childhood life which no one should be denied from.

Here after she shared her role in bhumi and how she is helping bhumi to come up with all these circumstances. She also urged the students to be a part of the change that the world awaits. She urged the students to be the helping hands for those who receive the bare minimum of their basic rights.

This session turned out to be an eye opener to the students and gave them the ground level reality check.

Shruti, Arya and Pranav presented a similar opportunity to the students of IEEE- Eureka and how the IEEE-Eureka can be a kick as well as a quick start to their journey of helping and spreading smiles with the power of knowledge.


Siddhesh Malekar addressed the audience, followed by a vote of thanks from Sakshi Salve. At the end, the audience left lovely reviews about the event.