IEEE day 2023 in Anna University

IEEE Student Summit 2023 and related events play a crucial role in fostering the development of future engineers and professionals by providing them with networking opportunities, educational resources, and exposure to the latest advancements in their respective fields.

Initially, Mr. Aravindan started the session with his valuable speech on IEEE and during his presentation ,he shown some of the images and asked us to interpret them to improve interaction between a speaker and a listener.He shown pictures like a clock, joyful people, putting hands together and earth,moon,sun to interpret inner meaning of them, he also distributed pens if we interacts with him actively.Most of them are participated actively which is a very good trait for an IEEE member. By participating in these interactions we can improve our communication skills to develop our career and move a step ahead without any fear. With his speeches , he always inspires us very much. And gives enthusiasm to learn more about IEEE.

Then Mr.Arun shares very valuable information with us i.e., regarding IEEE student branch fundings which are very important to improve and enhance the student branch. He shared information about benefits of student branch section like section based paper contests,website contests, participation in SB officers meet, Travel support to attend the meets, sponsorship to attend R10 YP and WIE congress,rebate,participation in IEEE annual meet,Monthly free technical meetings,participation in IEEE day celebrations