Brief About the Event: IEEE SB 62361 GHRCE IEEE DAY CELEBRATION Date: 07 October 2023 2. Location: GH Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur 3. Attendees: IEEE Day Celebration 1. Event Flow: – The event commenced with the Chair Address by the Chapter Chairs, welcoming the attendees and setting the tone for the celebration. – The Director of the institution delivered an inspiring address, highlighting the significance of IEEE in fostering technological advancements. – The Chief Guest, Mr. Arvind Kumar (Center Head TCS, Nagpur), shared his valuable insights into the world of technology and its future. – A symbolic IEEE-themed cake-cutting ceremony was held, signifying unity and celebration. – To honor IEEE enthusiasts, badge distribution was conducted by the esteemed Chief Guest, Mr. Arvind Kumar, and Dr. Laxman Thakre, under whose vigilance the event was organized. 2. Chapter Chairs’ Address: – Chapter Chairs set the event’s mood with a warm welcome and an introduction to the day’s proceedings. – They emphasized the importance of IEEE in fostering innovation and collaboration. 3. Director’s Address: – The Director Sir spoke about the institution’s commitment to promoting technological excellence and praised the IEEE community’s contributions.

4. Chief Guest’s Address: – Mr. Arvind Kumar, the Chief Guest, shared his wealth of experience, discussing the ever-evolving technology landscape and its implications. 5. Cake Cutting Ceremony: – The cake-cutting event served as a symbolic gesture, fostering unity and collaboration among IEEE members. 6. Badge Distribution: – Badges, a symbol of IEEE pride, were distributed by Chief Guest Mr. Arvind Kumar and Dr. Laxman Thakre to recognize IEEE enthusiasts. 7. Networking Opportunities: – The event offered attendees an opportunity to connect, share ideas, and explore potential collaborations within the IEEE community. 8. Inspiration and Knowledge: – Attendees left the event with fresh insights, inspired by the words of the Director and Chief Guest. 9. Future Prospects: – The IEEE Day Celebration acted as a reminder of the significance of IEEE’s mission and encouraged students to continue their journey in technology and innovation. The IEEE Day Celebration was a grand success, uniting technology enthusiasts and fostering a sense of pride and inspiration within the IEEE community.