On 11.10.2023, IEEE Day Celebration and an enlightening Guest lecture on INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVITY : DRIVING ENTERPRENEUR SUCCESS was organized by the IEEE Student Branch of Kongu Engineering College. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr.M.Amarnath Karthic who is the  Director of EMBUZZ technology Private Ltd. He has vast experience in the field of Embedded system.

The event commenced with the soul stirring notes of Tamilthai vazuthu,weaving a tapestry of cultural pride and unity in air.

The event started with the welcome address by Mr.S.Vignesh,  Chair person of IEEE-KEC welcomed all the dignitaries ,setting the tone for the memorable gathering.

After the welcome address, IEEE Day was celebrated with a cake cutting ceremony, symbolizing the start of a day dedicated to innovation and technology.

After the celebration, Mr.M.Amarnath Karthick ,our esteemed chief guest,initiated a guest lecture on innovation and creativity. He captivated the audience by sharing his life story as an inspiring example , motivating the students to reach for new heights.

Founded In 2010, Embuzz Technologies Private Limited started specially for innovating new experience in the expertise technologies such as IOT, Automation, SCADA, Embedded Systems (Using Various Micro Controller Units), Robotics, Computer Aided Design and Development, Communication Devices (Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Ble, RF, IR, RFID and many more), Biometric Interfaces, Mechatronics Designing, MATLAB, LABVIEW, Web Design and Development, Domain Hosting, Image and Video Acquisition and Many more. The main focus of the EMBUZZ TECHNOLOGIES is to provide excellent services to their customer for their products and relevant guidance for their candidates (Freshers, Job Doers and Seekers As Well As Interested Students) to enhance their skills and grow with them.

Embuzz Technologies Private Limited is a corporate registered concern. The quality of training is too good.They have only 5+ years experienced and Technically sound candidates for development division as well as their training division. They always have updated syllabus so that bench candidates will be more confident to perform in the respective technology, rather blindly searching for jobs. Their Certification is truly valid because they won’t certify the candidates unless the engineers get satisfied with their performance.They just see the certification as a paper. Because the candidate perform well then the certificate and the concern will automatically get reputation.They will never compromise their clients, Client satisfaction is more important for them.

Development is our Profession!!! Training is Our Passion!!! and Thats the brand value of “Embuzz”.

The photo session that concluded the IEEE Day celebration was a heartwarming moment where all the IEEE members and professors, came together to capture the joy and camaraderie of the day. Smiles, laughter, and a sense of togetherness filled the room as everyone posed for group photos and candid shots. The photos taken during this session will serve as cherished memories, reminding everyone of the successful and unforgettable IEEE Day celebration. It was a fantastic way to end the event, leaving everyone with a sense of unity and enthusiasm for future gatherings and ended with the slogan for this year “LIBERATING THE IDEAS FOR BETTER TOMORROW”.