IEEE DAY Celebration

Under the guidance of Branch Counsellors A.V. Deshpande sir and faculty coordinators Prof. Mayuri Agarwal and Prof. Sheetal Kapse ma’am. The IEEE Day celebration at Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering, Pune-41, Computer Department, Second Floor, SPL lab was a resounding success, bringing together 30 students to commemorate the spirit of innovation and technological advancements.
On the occasion of IEEE Day, a membership drive was organized, resulting in an overwhelming response from students. Approximately 110 students expressed their interest in becoming IEEE members, showcasing the enthusiasm for the technological community.
The anchors of the were Janhvi Wagh and Vedant Mangade. They welcomed Prof R. H. Borhade HOD of the computer department and Atharva Gorde (chair), SKNISB student branch.
The event commenced at 1:00 with the cake-cutting ceremony, graced by the presence of the Head of Department (HOD) Prof R. H. Borhade. He shared valuable information about IEEE, provided motivation for the students, and emphasized the importance of IEEE and disclosed details about conferences that students should anticipate in the upcoming semester. At 1:08 pm the event paused briefly for a photo session, capturing the joyous moments of the IEEE Day celebration. 
 At 1:25pm Atharva Gorde, the Chairperson, took center stage at 1:25pm, delivering an informative address about IEEE and elaborating on the exciting and giving information about upcoming opportunities and benefits which students can get from IEEE.
At 1:38pm  Abhijeet Gavali then shared valuable information about upcoming webinars, especially focusing on a new webinar initiative. He also touched upon the upcoming HacktoberFest, generating anticipation among the students. The IEEE Day celebration reached its pinnacle with the announcement of the meme contest winner, adding a touch of fun and creativity to the event. After that the quiz competition had been arrange between the members  Right after the quiz competition the winner of the competition had been declared.

The IEEE Day celebration  successfully blended information, inspiration, and celebration. The engagement of students, coupled with insightful presentations and announcements, marked this event as a memorable and enriching experience for all participants. The SKN ISB community looks forward to future events that promise to keep the flame of innovation and knowledge alive.