IEEE day Celebration @PACE

As part of the IEEE Day celebration, IEEE PACE collaborated with partner organizations to organize two significant events that enriched both students and faculty. The first event, held on October 4th, 2023, was an Outreach Program Session for first-year Computer Science and Engineering students at P.A. Polytechnic. It provided a strong introduction to programming and essential computer science concepts, with positive feedback from participants.
The second event, on October 5th, 2023, was a Panel Discussion on Academia-Industry Collaboration. It featured industry experts discussing curriculum design and delivery, bridging the academia-industry gap. The session began with a warm welcome from the Principal of PA College of Engineering and aimed to secure industry support in various subjects, emphasizing the importance of collaboration for up-to-date education.
Additionally, an IEEE Celebration with Cake Cutting marked the occasion, fostering unity among IEEE members and faculty, symbolizing PACE’s commitment to technological advancements, and knowledge sharing. These events exemplify PACE’s dedication to education and collaboration.