IEEE Day Celebration: Traffic Light Project for 8th Grade Students

The workshop for 8th-grade students was organized as part of the IEEE Day celebration, aiming to introduce young minds to the exciting world of electronics and programming. During this workshop, participants had the opportunity to create a working traffic light model using various electronic components and the Arduino development kit. They also gained knowledge about fundamental concepts related to electronics, such as current, voltage, LEDs, resistors, and how to identify and use them effectively.

The workshop began with an introductory session on basic electronic principles. Students were taught about concepts like current, voltage, and resistance, and how they are fundamental to understanding electronic circuits. Participants were introduced to essential electronic components, including LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), resistors, and wires. They learned how to identify these components and understand their roles in electronic circuits. They were given hands-on experience with Arduino and how to write and upload code using the Arduino IDE, enabling them to control the LEDs in their traffic light model. The highlight of the workshop was the construction of a traffic light model. Students used their newfound knowledge of electronic components and Arduino programming to build a miniature traffic light system. They connected LEDs to the Arduino board and programmed it to simulate the traffic light’s operation, including the sequences for red, yellow, and green lights. Students developed their coding skills by writing the necessary code to control the traffic light model. They gained practical experience in coding logic and troubleshooting, which will be beneficial in their future endeavors.

This workshop was conducted as part of the IEEE Day celebration, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and technological exploration. Students were encouraged to consider careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields and to explore further opportunities within the IEEE community. The workshop proved to be an engaging and educational experience for 8th-grade students. They not only learned the basic principles of electronics and programming but also gained practical skills by constructing a working traffic light model. The hands-on approach allowed them to grasp complex concepts easily and ignited their interest in STEM fields.

We would like to thank all the participants, as well as their professor Marijana Perović, for their contribution to celebrating IEEE Day. The workshop was led by Miloš Marjanović and Sandra Veljković technical helped during the realization.