The event aimed to introduce participants to the ESP32 microcontroller and the exciting world of robotics.

The workshop saw an impressive turnout, with participants from various backgrounds. The engaging and interactive format of the workshop encouraged active participation and fostered a collaborative learning environment.

During the workshop, Seif expertly guided participants through the fundamentals of the ESP32 microcontroller and its applications in robotics. Topics such as hardware components, programming, control structures, and interfacing with sensors and actuators were explained in a clear and accessible manner. Attendees had the opportunity to practice hands-on exercises, reinforcing their understanding of ESP32 and its role in robotics.

A highlight of the workshop was the hands-on experience with robotics. Participants were introduced to robotics concepts and were guided through the creation of simple robotic projects. Real-life examples and practical exercises showcased the creative potential of working with ESP32 in the field of robotics.

The workshop left a lasting impact on participants, equipping them with a foundation in ESP32 and inspiring creativity in the realm of robotics. As we move forward, there is a strong interest in organizing more such workshops to continue fostering a culture of learning and skill development within the IEEE community in the field of robotics and ESP32 technology.